North Korea: Soldiers Dance In The Streets After Kim Jong Un Is Appointed Marshal (PICTURES)

While thousands of the British armed forces prepare to check passes, give directions to lost patrons and wish they were on leave during the Olympics later this month, North Korean troops have been literally dancing in the streets.

The reason for their jubilation? The country's leader, King Jong Un, was awarded the title of marshal on Tuesday, a symbolic gesture made to seal his control over the army.

The appointment went done very well with the troops, who celebrated in Pyongyang plazas with singing and dancing.

Troops dance in the street after Kim Jong Un is awarded the rank of marshal

The soldiers were in some cases joined by students in uniform who wanted to share in the moment.

"I am pleased that our cherished desire came into reality," Kim Jong Gum, a student at the Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School dressed in a military uniform, told the Associated Press.

"This day will be remembered in our hearts as another meaningful and auspicious day."

The soldiers were joined by students in uniform

Kim was awarded the title after Ri Yong Ho, one of the highest-ranking chiefs in the Korean army, stepped down due to illness on Monday.

Kim, son of Kim Jong Il, was swiftly awarded the title of marshal by the nation's leadership, elevating him above any other prominent figures in the army.

While, as the nation's head of state, he was already technically the supreme commander of the armed forces, the title of marshal was in fact vacant, having been open since the death of Kim Jong Il in December last year.

Kim Jong Il was posthumously promoted to grand marshal army in February to celebrate what would have been his 70th birthday.

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