Topless Feminist Protest Against Olympics 'Sharia Law' In London (PICTURES)

Naked Fury: Why Are Topless Feminist Protesters At The Olympics? (PICTURES)

Topless feminist activists stormed central London yesterday, part of a radical Ukrainian group, protesting the Olympics' "support" for radical Islamist regimes.

Four women with bare breasts and slogans, including "No Sharia" daubed on their bodies carried out the protest at City Hall near Tower bridge - until they were arrested by police.

Ukrainian group Femen, founded in 2008, hold many protests in the Ukrainian against their country's political regime, including during Euro 2012 when they managed to snatch the competition's trophy.

A topless activist of Ukraine's prominent feminist rights group Femen is taken away by policemen as she attends a protest action near the Tower Bridge

Femen organiser Inna Shevchenko told the Huffington Post UK that all the French women who took part in the protest were from Arabic or other Islamic countries.

"We are trying to say that some of the Islamic states who bring one or two women to the Olympics are trying to whitewash what happens to millions of women in their countries, who have their rights taken away, who are murdered in honour killings, who are raped.

"The women who took part in the protests know all about how this happens, they know women have no choices, no opportunities. We are trying to scream at the IOC to recognise the reality."

In a statement published on their Facebook page, the group posted a pictures of five nooses in the colours of the Olympic rings, with the slogan "Islamism Kills A Generation".

The group said in a statement: "Five French activists of Femen movement were arrested in London during the topless protest 'Islamic marathon' near the London Bridge.

"London police arrested two Femen activists once they arrived at the place, but three other sextremists took off their t-shirts and started to protest but afterwards they were arrested as well.

"Femen demands the International Olympic Committee to condemn violence towards women from Islamist states.

"Femen requires the states that apply the laws of sharia be shut out of the Olympic games, because of the inhumanity of these laws, which are in total contradiction with Olympic principles that are peace and philanthropy.

"With the support of the IOC [International Olympic Committee], these Islamist governments use the participation of women in the Olympic games to hide thousands of victims and dead.

"If the IOC keeps flirting with radical Islam, new olympic disciplines, such as stoning or speed raping will be added to the competition."

Femen's activists organised an 'Islamic marathon' to demonstrate against 'Islamic regimes' they say being supported by the International Olympic Committee.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: "At approximately 11.30am today police attended the site of a demonstration outside City Hall.

"Four topless female protesters were arrested under section five of the Public Order Act for disorderly behaviour.

"They were taken to a central London police station where they were given a caution and later released."

Shevchenko said she believed the British police had been unnecessarily heavy-handed. "We believe the women were followed from the hotel by police and were not able to do everything we had planned.

"I have been protesting in many countries, in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and I was surprised at the British police. I did not think we would get arrested. I think this is the test to any democracy."

Femen is to open a new office in Paris, to complement its Ukrainian operations, she told The Huffington Post UK.

"We have 30 women there who want to be activists. And we'll be back in the UK very soon, we have a lot of support here."

Although most of Femen's protests take place in the Ukraine, the group have also held protests at Milan Fashion Week, and at the Swiss resort of Davos during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

The group's slogan is: "Our God is woman, our mission is protest, our weapons are bare breasts."


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