Edinburgh Fringe Comedy: 10 Questions With Hennessy & Friends


Miranda Hennessy's debut character show - which she performs with her eponymous friends, David Seymour and Steven Shapland - has already been named by The List as one of the top five sketch shows to see at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. And here are the talented trio to answer our 10 Quick Questions...

Pitch your Edinburgh show in 25 words or less.

Miranda: A violent whirlwind of sketches and characters...

Steven: ...from one woman’s fevered brain...

David: ...performed with two idiot captives against their will.

Your best Edinburgh moment?

Miranda and David: It's our first Edinburgh, so... arriving?

And your worst?

David: Not having been there before...

Miranda: It's probably going to be bankruptcy.

Steven: Glandular fever.

You've got one hour free in Edinburgh - what do you do?

Miranda: I'd go and see our show! I've always wondered what it looks like from the audience. Probably awesome.

David: Sunbathe - the weather's nice up there, right?

Steven:Build a cabinet.

Which Edinburgh landmark/venue/place would you give a five star review to?

David: Underbelly, simply because we're there - apparently, it's the only venue in Edinburgh, and we're the only show on.

Miranda: 22 Dudley Terrace. I lived there for a year when I was about six.

Give us a secret Edinburgh tip!

David:Munchy Box. A little bit of every greasy fast food in a pizza box. Mainly aimed at drug addicts and comedians.

Miranda: Oh sorry, I wasn't listening, I was dreaming about the munchy box.

Steven: Try your hardest to eat and sleep, or else bad things happen.

Deep-fried haggis or deep-fried Mars bar?

David: One for mains, one for dessert. Doesn't matter which way round, really.

Miranda: Haggis. Meat all the way.

Kilt or trousers?

David: Trousers, purely because I associate kilts with attention-seeking English men at weddings.

Miranda: Kilt. I also associate them with fit English blokes at weddings.

David: That's not what I said.

Steven: Kilt. Definitely.

Arthur's Seat or Arthur Smith?

David: Arthur Smith's seat, in his living room. Lovely leather number.

Miranda: Arthur's Seat. Wait - does it still say 'English Go Home' at the top?

Complete this sentence: “In Edinburgh, I will be mainly...

David: ...tired, and dressed as a badger.

Miranda: ...being awesome.

Steven: a bag.”

Hennessy & Friends' show A History of Violence. is at 14.50 at the Underbelly, Bristo Square, 1-27 August (not 13). Find out more and book tickets here.

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