07/08/2012 06:17 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 16:16 BST

Donald Trump Attacks Alex Salmond Over Plan To Increase Size Of Wind Turbines Near Billionaire's Golf Course

Donald Trump has lashed out at Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond after it was revealed that wind turbines set to be built within view of his planned golf course could be increased in size.

The height of some turbines off the North Sea coast near Aberdeen would increase to just short of 200 metres.

Mr Trump has previously said he will pull the plug on his own controversial plans to finish his proposed resort with a large hotel, holiday homes and a residential village if the wind farm goes ahead.

The partner firms behind the £230m 11-turbine European Offshore Wind Development Centre said the altered plans were submitted to make sure Scotland does not miss out on an opportunity "to lead the world".

Project spokesman Iain Todd said: "When we started talking to potential turbine manufacturers around 12 months ago, more than a dozen international suppliers expressed an interest in deploying off Aberdeen. Recent discussions have led to six working agreements being signed.

"In keeping with the demonstrator concept we decided to make minor adjustments to the project dimensions to accommodate the tallest of these turbines in the event that we procure them.

"We are confident that our careful design results in a barely perceptible increase in visual and environmental effects."

The maximum height would increase by 3.5 metres to 198.5 metres and increase the maximum radius of the turbine blades by up to 11 metres. These turbines would be placed furthest from shore.

Closer to shore, the maximum height would decrease from 195 metres to 180.5 metres.

The partners created new images of what the development would look like from Mr Trump's golf resort, Murcar Links Golf Course and Royal Aberdeen Golf Course.

Mr Trump said: "Alex Salmond must have a death wish.

"Other countries throughout the world are abandoning wind turbine projects and not building previously approved structures because the economics just don't work.

"Without subsidies from England, Scotland would not be able to sustain his folly.

"Perhaps a recent Travel Golf blog, where the First Minister hubristically stated during a lunch interview that the EOWDC's proposal would 'absolutely' proceed, explains Vattenfall's recent bravado: they have already made a deal with 'Mad Alex' and his team.

"If so, Mad Alex truly is insane and the Scottish people will suffer for many years to come.

"We have also heard that Vattenfall is in poor economic condition and can't survive without the massive subsidies provided by the Scottish taxpayer.

"These subsidies will continue for the long term and will actually need to be substantially increased if the First Minister's goals to build thousands more throughout Scotland are realised.

"Despite these distractions, our position has not changed and we intend to fight this application and defeat these horrendous proposals that will ultimately destroy Scotland."

A Scottish Government spokesman said: "The First Minister disagrees strongly with Mr Trump's claims about offshore wind and was making the point that Scottish Government energy policy will be determined by the Scottish Government, not by Mr Trump.

"He has made his position clear on that many times, and he has also made clear that the planning determination for the proposed offshore demonstrator project will be made by the Minister for Energy & Enterprise taking account of all potential impacts, including the environment, fisheries, and shipping.

"Every application is considered on its merits, giving due consideration to the views of stakeholders, consultees and members of the public."