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The former president revived an old grievance with a strange new twist.
I think that wind turbines are ugly. At the same time, I think wind power is the only renewable energy source that can be reliably used to reach the UK's carbon reduction goals. I'm not alone in saying turbines have a "visual impact." British landscape painters were up in arms against the wind turbines that were covering the UK's hills in 2006.
The numbers speak for themselves. Hydro-electric power is currently the only renewable energy capable of replacing fossil fuels and it's about time we had a party in government that's going to get serious about cutting the UK's carbon footprint.
Ukip MEP William Dartmouth "will have to accept the label of hypocrite" for failing to make clear that he will not benefit
Ukip MEP William Dartmouth showed a "lack of candour" in his "vague" explanation of his connection to a Yorkshire onshore
Ukip MEP William Dartmouth has denied that he stands to benefit financially from the construction of wind turbines on land
We have read how turbines impact human health and after years of mockery from pro-wind groups, we now have the first peer-reviewed, science-based report confirming that turbines do have harmful impacts on humans...
Ashden has some cracking efficiency-based winners this year. The 2013 Gold Award went to the partnership of the Sustainable Energy Academy and United House for what is in effect a new supply chain for doing internal solid-wall insulation, taking off-site what is often a very messy and disruptive business when it is done on-site.
Donald Trump has lashed out at Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond after it was revealed that wind turbines set to be built
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that
US tycoon Donald Trump has warned that wind farms could "completely end" tourism in Scotland and the country is "in effect
Countryfile presenter Matt Baker has criticised the number of wind turbines springing up in the countryside. The One Show
Ofgem's figures show that the current cost to UK households of developing all forms of renewable energy, including wind, is less than £20 a year. For less than 40p a week, we can develop a thriving UK-based renewable sector, including wave and tidal energy, which will provide secure, cost-effective and clean energy for generations to come.
Donald Trump has warned Alex Salmond that going ahead with an offshore windfarm would do more damage to the region "than
Reports that wind farms have been forced to close overnight because its been too windy, have not only had the National Grid
Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has said that he is "fighting for the benefit of Scotland" in objecting to plans for