14/08/2012 10:52 BST

'Positive Troll' Is Our New Favourite Twitter Account

'Trolls' were once cute little toys with elf-like faces, huge vibrant hair, and the amazing ability to fit exactly on top of pencils.

But then along came the internet, and once again, as in ye oldene times, trolls got a bad name for themselves.

One person trying to right this situation, however, is Positive Troll - aka the Twitter account @ThPositiveTroll [sic].

Positive Troll hasn't been tweeting long - but he/she is already delighting us with his/her positive take on life, which often take the form of tweets to celebrities - and mere mortals - as well as the occasional pep talk to us all.

Take a look at just some of our favourite Positive Troll tweets below. And as he/she might say him/herself: keep up the good work, @ThPositiveTroll - you're trolltally awesome!