Edinburgh Fringe Comedy: 10 Questions With Taylor Glenn

'I'll Be Ignoring Every Rule About Good Self-Care I Learnt As A Therapist'

Former therapist (and current Huffington Post blogger) Taylor Glenn often feels like the craziest person in the room. But don't let that worry you! See her stand-up show at the Edinburgh Fringe - and find out more about her as she answers our 10 Quick Questions...

Pitch your Edinburgh show in 25 words or less.

A frank and revealing show about my journey from US psychotherapist to UK-based stand-up. Includes: dead cat stories, stomach-growling and revenge tips.

Your best Edinburgh moment?

Buying a guilty double cheeseburger then having a seagull land on my head and f*** off with half of it, leaving me with the single portion I should have ordered in the first place.

And your worst?

See the above. But it's too funny to get sad about it. Plus, I still ate it.

You've got one hour free in Edinburgh - what do you do?

I just love wandering around and popping into a random show without knowing anything about it. Or catching street performers - those guys commit, for better or for worse.

Which Edinburgh landmark/venue/place would you give a five star review to?

Chez Jules, a French restaurant in New Town. If you go after midnight, you get free Champagne with your meal and the food is great. Am I talking about food again? Sorry, I'm really hungry. I blame the birds.

Give us a secret Edinburgh tip!

Don't flyer with a weird theatrical gesture and/or exaggerated stage voice. It's just creepy and makes people want to slap you.

Deep-fried haggis or deep-fried Mars bar?

Now YOU'RE talking about food. Either's fine - as long as I'm indoors.

Kilt or trousers?

Kilts - I love 'em.

Arthur's Seat or Arthur Smith?

Arthur's Seat. Nice guy.

Complete this sentence: “In Edinburgh, I will be mainly...

...plugging my show in the hopes of getting noticed, realising I probably won't, and then ignoring every rule about good self-care I learned as a therapist.

Taylor Glenn's Reverse Psycomedy is at 23.30 at Gilded Balloon Teviot, 1-26 August. Find out more and book tickets here.


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