Google Down: Brief Search Engine Outage Leads To Fear Of Apocalypse

Google Down? Brief Search Outage Leads To Apocalypse Panic

A brief outage by the search engine Google led to a mild panic about the end of the world.

Google's main website was not returning search queries for about 15 minutes around 9am on Tuesday.

But for the users of Twitter, the outage was enough to lead to mild fears of a total global apocalypse (Googlepocalypse?).

"[This is] The End Times," announced one user, as others panicked at the suggestion they might have to switch to a competing search engine.

Luckily, the problems were soon fixed, and fears of armageddon receded.

As of press time the website was performing normally.

Take a look at the best reactions to Google's outage in our Twitter slideshow.


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