06/09/2012 15:17 BST | Updated 06/11/2012 10:12 GMT

Giant Robot Women Serve Drinks At Tokyo's Electric Cabaret Cafe (PHOTOS)

Pointing out that Tokyo is a bit weird is hardly new, but the problem is they keep coming up with reasons to keep saying it.

Take the new 'robot restaurant' in the Shinjuku electric district, which is perfectly normally except for the fact it is patrolled by massive feminine robots.

And while a cafe in China recently drew headlines for its own robot staff, this one is an altogether more intense experience.


The eatery, pictured in a photo easy by one traveller recently, features the statuesque female robots which are control by real-life, 'scantily clad' women.

The 12 dancing robots are featured alongside a cabaret which also includes women driving tanks and dancing.


The restaurant reportedly cost almost 10bn Yen and three years to build, and is covered in LED lights.

For about £25 you can enjoy a drink, a robot show and probably the weirdest experience of your life.