Twitter Account Of Former Chelsea Footballer Leon Knight Suspended After 'Slag Alert Pictures'

Leon Knight In Twitter Ban After 'Slag Alert Pictures'

Former Chelsea striker Leon Knight has been suspended from Twitter and is being investigated by police after allegedly attempting to launch a campaign called 'Slag Alert Pictures' on the site.

Calling himself 'Leon The Knight: Foe To The Hoe', the footballer was allegedly intending to tweet raunchy pictures of women sent in by their ex-boyfriends, without their permission. The 'event' was publicised under the strapline 'It's judgment day bitches' and discussions were promoted under the hashtag #sap.

Leon Knight, whose Twitter account (before it was suspended) read "Freedom of Speech!!!!

Knight, who is currently out of work, began tweeting 'taster' pictures of women before the official 8pm launch. However Twitter quickly suspended his account after complaints.

His Wikipedia page was also hacked in response to the campaign. Although it has now returned to normal, for about an hour it read:

"Leon Knight is a 29-year-old ex-footballer who now sits at home on benefits in his undies eating pot noodle butties and bullying girls on the internet."

Others tweeted their disapproval:

It's not the first time Knight has been condemned for offensive comments on the social media site. The striker was released from his contract with Glentoran in June over alleged homophobic comments made on Twitter.

In July Danielle Lloyd, who is married to Wolverhampton midfielder Jamie O'Hara said she would leave Twitter over the abuse sent to her by Knight.

She said in July: "Sadly I might be coming off twitter as I can't take much more abuse from scum when all am trying to do is be a good mum & wife I love all my fans and wish and its shame I might have to do this but I've got to put my family first Thanks for all your support Xxx"

A similar site that promotes "outing" women who have posed raunchily for their partners is run by Nik Ritchie in the states, entitled


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