Mars Rover Curiosity Completes Longest Drive Yet (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Mars Rover Curiosity Completes Longest Drive Yet

We haven't heard from the Mars rover Curiosity in a little while - so what has it been up to?

It's been on a road trip.

Nasa has announced that Curiosity recently completed its longest drive yet, after travelling more than 100 feet on 4 September.

The rover drove southeast, with a "dogleg" move to avoid some treacherous sand.

The drive was the longest single journey by Nasa, and brings its total distance travelled to 358 feet.

Nasa added that the rover is in "good health".

The rover is heading for an area scorched by the exhausts from one of the Mars Space Laboratory's engines.

Three types of terrain intersect at that area, and Nasa may use it to test the rover's rock drilling tools.

The two-year mission is intended primarily to search for signs of microbial life.

Take a look at the best images released by Nasa from Mars so far, below.


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