24/09/2012 11:03 BST

US Second Lady Jill Biden Makes Accidental Penis Joke (VIDEO)

Meanwhile, over on the US presidential campaign trail... Second Lady of the United States Jill Biden entertained the crowds at a New Hampshire rally by accidentally implying that she was there to talk about husband Joe's penis. (Incidentally, we're pretty certain that wasn't why she was there. Well, that definitely wasn't the official reason, anyway.)

"I've seen Joe up close," Jill announced to the assembled throng, while making a wide motion with her hands.

At this point, most people managed to contain their sniggers. But later in her speech, she added: "I've heard the urgency in his voice when he comes and talks about people he's met." I've heard the urgency in his voice when he comes. Ha! Now, if that's not funny, we don't know what is.

You know, this kind of reminds us of one of our favourite scenes from The Life of Brian...

Sorry, we digress. Let's steer away from penis-based double entendres and go back to American politics, shall we? Take a look at Joe's mate Barack's coolest moments...