Taliban Releases Film Showing 'Planning' For Camp Bastion Assault (VIDEO)

The Taliban has released a video which the group claims shows militants preparing to attack Camp Bastion, in what was to be one of the worst attacks on a Nato base this year.

The clip purports to show fighters planning and training for the attack which took place on September 14.

It shows members of the Taliban wearing US military uniforms and speaking in English.

The Taliban fighters are shown a map of Camp Bastion

Two US Marines were killed and nine others were wounded in the attack.

The Taliban claim to have a full video of the assault on the Camp, which they say will be released at a later date.

The video shows a session in front of a whiteboard, with instructions in Urdu and a map of the base; it shows Camp Bastion's fence and the locations of guard towers, aircraft shelters, helicopters, strike aircraft, and other buildings

The video was released on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban's website, with faces of the attackers pixellated. Two members of the team provide their wills; one speaking in English.

All but one of the attackers were killed in the offensive.