03/10/2012 09:57 BST | Updated 03/10/2012 14:13 BST

Megan Stammers Tweets 'Thanks For Support' After Returning To UK

Megan Stammers has thanked her followers on Twitter for "the nice messages of support" in her first posting since she fled to France with her Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest.

The 15-year-old wrote on the social-media site late on Tuesday: "Thanks for all the nice messages of support, it's meant a lot to me and my family, we really appreciate it."

She also spoke out to confirm to her thousands of followers that any other accounts were fake. The schoolgirl then wished her friend happy birthday and has not tweeted since.

megan stammers

Megan Stammers was a prolific tweeter before she disappeared with married teacher Jeremy Forrest

Her posts came as Jeremy Forrest refused to contest an extradition order so that he can be "closer to the one he loves", according to his French lawyer, Daniel Lalanne.

Megan's disappearance sparked a pan-European search after she ran away to France with 31-year-old Forrest. The pair was finally apprehended in Bordeaux after numerous attempts by Forrest to find a job in bars there. The couple had only 10 euros between them when found.


Jeremy Forrest is to return to the UK on Thursday

Although many of the replies to her posts were supportive, some were more cryptic. One Twitter user wrote back to the 15-year-old: "glad you're back with your family but I hope it doesn't stop what makes you happy, hopefully you can do both xx"

Forrest is likely to be back in the UK very soon. His lawyer Lalanne described Forrest's emotions since being caught: "This is a story only about love... It is as old as the world [and] I believe it will never end.

"In his head he has done nothing wrong except fall in love with a 15-year-old. There has been no violence, abuse or manoeuvre of any kind.

"Mr Forrest is very upset that his love story has been brought to such a brutal end."