08/10/2012 07:19 BST | Updated 08/10/2012 07:46 BST

Raccoon Dogs Baffle Residents In Brecon, Mid Wales (VIDEO)

A routine call to Brecon in mid Wales saw an RSPCA Inspector called to inspect an animal that defied description.

The animal appeared to have the face of a raccoon, with dog-like attributes including long canine teeth and a shortish tail.

However the strange sounding animal was not a bizarre hybrid, but was actually a racoon dog, a breed native to East Asia.

racoon dog

Raccoon dogs do not bark like foxes, but growl, followed by a long-drawn melancholy whine

East Asian raccoon dog populations have declined in recent years, with many of the dogs being skinned for the fur trade, hunted for their unusual pelts.

However the RSPCA believe these two dogs had merely escaped from their owner.

RSPCA Inspector Danielle Baber said:

"An RSPCA officer's life is never dull, but occasionally we come across highly unusual creatures.

"This handsome raccoon dog and his partner must have strayed from their owner in the Boughrood area and we'd like to hear from them immediately."