08/10/2012 07:14 BST

From YoYos And Tazos To Shoes And Running: The Ridiculous Things Banned At School Over 'Health And Safety'

Health and safety are the three words guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of pupils across the UK.

The triumvirate is used willy nilly by teachers and party poopers in practically every school in the country to ensure any whiff of fun is ruthlessly quashed. Conkers, Pokemon, leaning back in your chair - anything which set hearts racing or involved even the teeniest smidgen of risky behaviour is clamped down on, all in the name of "health and safety".

health and safety

Having fun? Well you can wave goodbye to that. Conkers are a prime target for "health and safety" rules.

Following the news yo-yos have been banned in one school, due to health and safety concerns, of course, we took a look at some of the other simple pleasures in life which were cruelly snatched away from us.

Weird things banned from school