Anti-Islam Film Protesters Rally Outside Google's London Headquarters (VIDEO)

WATCH: 3,500 Anti-Islam Film Protesters Target Google's London HQ

Around 3,500 Muslims have held a protest outside Google's London HQ demanding the removal of anti-Islam film, Innocence Of Muslims, from YouTube.

Buckingham Palace Road in Victoria was closed for three hours on Sunday afternoon by police during the vocal, but incident-free protest.

The trailer of the film caused worldwide demonstrations last month, which culminated in Pakistan with the deaths of 19 protestors as well as storming of US, UK and German embassies in a number of countries.

US ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was killed in an attack on the US embassy in Libya although some suspect this may have been a co-ordinated terrorist attack rather than random protests.

Muslim Action Forum, which organised the march, said on its website: "YouTube and its parent company, Google, continue to share Islamaphobic material and continue to incite racial hatred."

Google said the video is "clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube", although it has been removed Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and India.

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