18/10/2012 10:06 BST

George Galloway Claims Met Officer Slept With Aide As Part Of 'Dirty Tricks' Operation

Respect MP George Galloway has accused a Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officer of seducing his aide and obtaining access to his office in a "dirty tricks" operation against him.

Galloway claims an officer with the Special Operations branch SO15 slept with his assistant, including at the MP's Streatham home without his consent or knowledge, sent emails from his office and harassed Galloway on Facebook.

Galloway has since sacked the female aide, who he believes to be an "agent" for the officer inside the Respect party.

According to the Evening Standard, Scotland Yard is investigating Galloway's claims, involving his assistant and the officer, identified as 'K'.

The Met Police told the paper that an officer has been placed on restricted duties and an inquiry is set to take place into the allegations.

Galloway also issued an Early Day Motion, signed only by himself, before the Commons over the incident, imploring the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to make an urgent statement to the house over the incident:

Galloway's EDM in full:

That this House expresses its concern at the involvement of a very senior officer in the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism branch SO15 in an apparent dirty tricks operation against the hon. Member for Bradford West; notes that the officer, entered the hon. Member's London home without his knowledge or consent, the hon. Member never having met or heard of him, and he slept in the hon. Member's home; further notes that [the officer] sent emails to an individual in the hon. Member's office who acted as his agent; further notes he co-ordinated this operation from his police email account and from at least two other fake email accounts, duping, amongst others, the Guardian newspaper as to his true identity; further notes that he operated under an alias against the hon. Member on Facebook and elsewhere, all the while concealing that he was a senior serving police officer at Scotland Yard; and asks the Home Secretary to make an urgent statement to Parliament on these matters.

Speaking to the Standard, Galloway said that he felt "violated" by the officer's actions, and called for his suspension.

The MP said the Met told him the officer's actions were not part of any official Met investigation.

An official complaint has been registered with the Independent Police Complains Commission, the Met confirmed, while a probe is set to take place looking into the officer's actions.