Maria Bashir, Afghanistan's Only Female Prosecutor, Jailed 100 Women For Adultery

Afghanistan's 'Fearless Female Prosecutor' Jails 100 Women For Adultery

A woman labelled Afghanistan's "fearless female prosecutor" and lauded as one of the most 100 most influential people in the world is also the country's judge most likely to jail wives for 'moral crimes' like adultery.

According to an analysis by The Times (£) Maria Bashir, who has rubbed shoulders with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, has jailed 100 women for adultery.

The paper notes 101 women in the jail in the region where she is lead prosecutor, Herat, were put in prison for zina, or sex outside marriage.

According to Human Rights Watch in Afghanistan women can get up to 15 years in jail, with many women convicted of adultery after being raped or forced into prostitution.

Maria Bashir (left) meeting with Hillary Clinton

Bashir defended herself saying giving "justice to everyone" was "part of our job."

But one justice reform expert told The Times "these numbers speak for themselves." "She's a brave woman doing a hard job and that makes her a sacred cow for the international community," they said.

In 2011 Bashir was describe as battling "corruption, crime and domestic abuse" when she was made on of Time magazine's 100 most influential people.

"Bashir's influence may not be immediately apparent. But in a generation it will bear fruit," the magazine wrote.

Bashir has previously said life is 'tough' for her as a women. She told the BBC last year: "I can't go shopping or go around easily. It is a very dull and difficult life for a woman."

"I want to convey the message to Afghan women around the world and encourage them to use whatever they have to rebuild this country because every drop counts," she said.


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