25/10/2012 11:32 BST | Updated 25/10/2012 11:35 BST

April Jones Search Now Includes 17 Police Teams And 160 Officers

Its almost a month since five-year-old April Jones disappeared but there are no signs that anyone is giving up on the search.

17 police teams made up of 160 officers are still searching for the little girl, who was abducted from the rural town of Machynlleth, on 1 October.

Inspector Gareth Thomas, a police search adviser said there was "no likelihood" of standing down the police search "while we still have viable and intelligence-led search areas."

april jones

People wore pink to a special church service for April

Police are searching 300 specific areas over 23 square miles.

Inspector Thomas told Sky News that officers were so committed to the search they hadn't been taking rest days or annual leave.

"Officers have been really really committed and really really dedicated and they really want to give it their best"

Earlier this month Dyfed Pows police said the search could continue until Christmas and there was no signs of it being scaled back.

Inspector Thomas said he had been "humbled" by public support.

Pink ribbons have been placed on official buildings, houses and businesses around Machynlleth in a show of support for the family of April Jones.

The town clock was illuminated in April's favourite pink colour on Monday and a local tattoo parlour is offering pink ribbon tattoos to match the ones her mother and father got following April's disappearance.

The Reverend Kathleen Rogers of St Peter's Parish Church told the BBC there was still a "black cloud" over the town.

"People have got to go back to work but every morning people wake up and think 'perhaps today we will find her'," she said.

"Every night before we go to bed we think 'oh dear, we didn't find her today'."

april jones

April Jones went missing on October 1

Mark Bridger, 46, has been charged with her abduction and murder, and of unlawfully disposing of and concealing her body with intent to pervert the course of justice.

Meanwhile a fund set up with donations for April's family had reached over £20,000. Facebook groups and Twitter accounts dedicated to the missing schoolgirl still have thousands of followers from around the world, and are continuing to post pictures of April.

"We need to keep her beautiful face out there" one said.