25/10/2012 11:43 BST

David Cameron Uses iPad 'Donated By Apple', According To Gift List

David Cameron is using an iPad that was donated by Apple, according to a list of gifts disclosed by the Government.

The Prime Minister - known to be a fan of the tablet, particularly the addictive Angry Birds game - received one from the company in April which he has kept for "official use".

Under Whitehall rules, ministers must declare all gifts worth more than £140. Unless they choose to pay for items out of their own pocket, they are usually stored away by officials.

david cameron ipad

No word yet on who donated Cameron's nice jumper

In 2010, Cameron opted to purchase a £429 iPad given by headphones tycoon Mike Faith, but another tablet from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was kept by the Cabinet Office.

The latest details released for the first quarter of this year show that Cameron received a leather jacket from President Barack Obama during a trip to the US in May, but chose not to purchase it, although whether that was a style choice is unclear.

He also passed up the opportunity to own unspecified "sportswear" given by Tory former chancellor Lord Lamont. Again, Cameron doesn't seem like a sportswear kind of guy.