Austin Mitchell, Labour MP, Tells Louise Mensch 'A Good Wife Doesn't Disagree With Her Master'

'A Good Wife Doesn't Disagree With Her Master'

A Labour MP has sparked outrage on Twitter by telling ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch that a "good wife doesn't disagree with her master in public".

Great Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell made the comment on Monday after Mensch was involved in a light hearted Twitter spat with her husband over the reason she quit politics.

In response Mensch tweeted: "Stay classy, Labour." Before adding: "Lovely to see @AvMitchell2010 speaking for the Labour party on feminism. 'her master'? 'a good wife doesn't disagree with her master'? Nice."

Responding to the uproar on Twitter Mitchell replied: "Calm down dears. Irony may be a low form of wit but it's clearly above my level. And yours. So my wife has banned me from tweeting today."

The use of the phrase "calm down dears", which led to David Cameron being accused of sexism when he aimed it at Labour MPs, is unlikely to quell the row.

He was unavailable for comment when his office was contacted on Monday morning.


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