31/10/2012 13:07 GMT

Iain Duncan Smith 'Absolutely Furious" With Boris Johnson

Iain Duncan Smith has said he is "absolutely furious" at Boris Johnson after the mayor approved a plan to tarmac over Walthamstow dog track.

Speaking to BBC London on Tuesday morning,the work and pensions secretary strongly criticised Boris over the plan to build a near 300-home complex near the track, which would supposedly end racing at the historic Grade II arena.

The Chingford MP said that his local residents would be outraged by the development, with "deeply, deeply disappointed".

boris johnson

Johnson has approved a plan for property development at the dog track

"This is a bad decision and I have constituents of mine saying 'What's the pont of Boris?'," he said.

However in a statement Boris said: "I share the sadness of many about the demise of dog racing from this historic corner of London,."

"I believe this proposal will provide a major boost for Walthamstow, creating new jobs and new homes, many of which will be affordable and attract desperately needed new investment into the area."

walthamstow dog track

The plan would end dog racing at the Grade II listed track

Boris believes the development will "deliver vastly improved local sports and leisure facilities for generations of east Londoners".

A private sector contribution of £2 million has been secured for the development but it has not been declared what the predicted cost of the project would be.

Walthamstow's MP, Labour's Stella Creasy, opposes the plan and has said she iss "absolutely gutted".