05/11/2012 18:00 GMT | Updated 06/11/2012 06:57 GMT

US Election 2012: 30 Twitter Accounts To Follow

Forget watching the election night on TV. The real place to be is on Twitter. Here are the top 30 Twitter accounts that will see you safely though the evening.

Why 30? Well, it's a round number isn't it. As with all these lists we are willing to accept bribes in exchange for including your Twitter account and bumping it up to 31.

The Campaigns

@MittRomney (Presidential Candidate)

@EricFehrn (Senior Romney Adviser)

@PaulRyanVP (Vice Presidential Candidate)

@BarackObama (The President)

@DavidAxelrod (Senior Obama Adviser)

@JoeBiden (Vice President)

Political Websites

@HuffPostPolitics (The Huffington Post Politics Team)

@HuffPostUKPols (The Huffington Post UK Politics Team)

@HuffPostHill (Light Relief From The Huffington Post Politics)

@Politico (Political Website)

@BuzzFeedPol (BuzzFeed's Political Website)

@PostPolitics (Washington Post Politics)

@cnnpolitics (CNN)

@BBCNewsUS (US Election Tweets From The BBC)

@FoxNews (Fox News)

@msnbc (MSNBC)

@SkyNews (SKy News)

Political Reporters/Analysts

@samsteinhp (Sam Stein, HuffPost Political Editor)

@jonward11 (Jon Ward, HuffPost Senior Political Reporter)

@aterkel (Amanda Terkel, HuffPost Senior Political Reporter)

@ryangrim (Ryan Grim, HuffPost Washington Bureau Chief)

@buzzfeedben (Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief of BuzzFeed)

@fivethirtyeight (Nate Silver, New York Times analyst)

@adamboultonSKY (Adam Boulton, Sky News Political Editor)

@KattyKayBBC (Katty Kay, Anchor for BBC World News America)

@jaketapper (Jake Tapper, White House Correspondent,ABC News)

@chucktodd (Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent, NBC News)

@MysteryPollster (Mark Blumenthal, Senior Polling Editor, The Huffington Post)

@dceiver (Political Reporter, The Huffington Post)

And of course I will be providing in-depth analysis through the night @nedsimons...