06/11/2012 11:41 GMT | Updated 06/11/2012 11:46 GMT

US Presidential Debate Highlights - With The Bad Lip Reading Treatment (VIDEO)

Gawd bless you, Bad Lip Reading team! Not content with giving us the epic 'Eye Of The Sparrow', they've now worked their magic on all the US presidential debates, just in time for D-Day itself. (That's D for 'Decision', you understand.)

"I'm sweet - made out of sugar and hormones," Paul Ryan tells us. "You don't even want twin ducks? Baby ducks? You, sir, are a loser," says Obama. "Dammit, who ordered the bacon crusted rolls?!" swoons a debate moderator. It's all bloody marvellous, but we particularly enjoy the exchanges between Ryan and Biden (and the latter's brilliant chuckle).

Click play on the video above to see it for yourself - and when you're done, enjoy more of BLR's fine work, from political ads to music videos, below:

The Best Of Bad Lip Reading

(H/T: @cliche_mist)