19/11/2012 05:32 GMT | Updated 19/11/2012 05:50 GMT

Nadine Dorries Given Time Off For 'I'm A Celeb' By Andrew Mitchell, Daughter Claims

The daughter of suspended MP Nadine Dorries has claimed ex-chief whip Andrew Mitchell gave her mother permission to take a month off, freeing her up to appear on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'.

Jennie Dorries told ITV's Daybreak on Monday morning that Mitchell, who resigned last month, agreed that the Mid-Bedfordshire MP could take the time off even though parliament was in session.

She did not say if the whip's office was aware that her 55-year-old mother would be flying off to the Australian jungle to take part in the reality TV show.

Jennie Dorries said: "She did ask for the month off. The chief whip gave her permission. She did all she had to do before she left. She made arrangements for someone to take her place on Remembrance Sunday."

But Mitchell's office told the Huffington Post UK that the then chief whip "was neither asked nor did he agree to Nadine Dorries going off to Australia for a month to take part in 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'".

Mitchell's replacement as chief whip, the mild mannered Sir George Young, was said to be "furious" at only discovering Dorries was to appear on the show when called by journalists.

During her time in the jungle viewers, including her fellow Tory MPs, have persisted in voting Dorries her to take part in the gruesome Bushtucker Trials.

However the MP's other Cassie admitted she has also repeatedly voted for her mother to take part in the challenges.

Cassie Dorries told Daybreak that she could not help but laugh at her mother's efforts on the notorious bushtucker trials, revealing: "I have voted for my mum for both of the trials - it's much more interesting to see her do it."

So far the MP, who was suspended after it emerged she was heading to the Australian jungle during parliamentary time, has had to cope with chomping on a camel's toe and an ostrich's anus.