20/11/2012 08:28 GMT | Updated 21/11/2012 07:50 GMT

Alan Partridge Is Hacked Off: Norfolk DJ Wades Into The Leveson Debate

Hoorah! Or rather: Aha! Alan Partridge has returned to our (internet) screens to proffer his opinion on the Leveson Inquiry. Specifically: to proffer his opinion on the new book from the campaign group Hacked Off.

Of course, it turns out that the only thing Alan is hacked off about is Hacked Off itself. They are, according to the great man, "a group of people I can only describe as agitators" - and their book, 'Everybody's Hacked Off', by Brian Cathcart, is "a load of gobbledygook".

Click play above to see the Norfolk DJ's full, magnificent dismissal. And if you don't want to buy the book he's rubbishing, then we highly recommend you don't go here to Amazon, add it to your basket or go through the full checkout procedure. Oh no.