hacked off

The former culture secretary endorsed the use of the 'carrot' rather than the 'stick'.
John Whittingdale has lambasted the “draconian” concept of imposing costs on newspapers even if they win their case, as the
'If I was to tweet my 4.9 million followers the names, you're saying I wouldn't be in trouble?'
Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan held a fiery debate on live TV with Hacked Off campaigner Evan Harris over the "absurdity
Evan Harris could not provide proof Whittingdale appeased editors to keep relationship secret.
Whittingdale came under scrutiny last night after details of his relationship with an escort surfaced. Four newspapers, the
BBC coverage of the John Whittingdale story 'is Alice Through The Looking Glass'.
Read more on The Huffington Post When Robinson pointed out the Daily Mirror ran the story on front page on Wednesday, Wallis
The groundwork has been laid thoroughly by campaigners, charities, women's organisations and the like, who have worked tirelessly to change this situation, and yet there is still no means at all of holding the UK press to task for degrading, sexist or harmful reporting. Which leaves us wondering; is it time to update the Editors' Code?
How do we know when is press regulation good enough? The question is topical because IPSO, the self-regulator established by the big corporate newspapers, has been trying lately to persuade us it can be trusted to do its job.