25/11/2012 11:29 GMT | Updated 25/11/2012 11:32 GMT

'Gangnam Style' By Psy Beats Justin Bieber's 'Baby' As Most Watched YouTube Video Ever

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' has surpassed Justin Bieber's 'Baby' to become the most watched video in YouTube history, clocking up a staggering 816,175,123 (and counting) views in just over four months.

The South Korean pop phenomenon has become an invisible horse-dancing global sensation with the song topping the charts in 30 countries.

The list of imitators is almost endless, from Ghostbusters to Politicians, Olympians to prisoners, Chinese dissidents to sculptors, Oxford students to Saudi youths, Hitler to Ban Ki-Moon , Wolverine to Obama and even a parrot.


'Gangnam Style also has the record for most 'likes', currently at 5,425,010

And, of course, the once trend-setting, now trend-following, Madonna, got in on the act.

The K-pop hit mocks the lifestyle of the Gangnam, a "hip" district of Seoul and describes "the perfect girlfriend who knows when to be refined and when to get wild."

There mustn't be too many bad feelings from Bieber as the two are rumoured to be collaborating together.