Who Is Michael Fabricant, MP For LichVegas?

Sitting in the House of Commons like a bird of paradise amongst pigeons, the beautifully plumaged Michael Fabricant is a wonder to behold.

Looking like he might have his own constantly-playing, spoken-word soundtrack narrated by David Attenborough, Fabricant has graced the front pages today after urging David Cameron to form a pact with Ukip.

But who is Michael Fabricant?

Well, he's been a Conservative MP since 1992 - first for Mid-Staffordshire and then for the Lichfield constituency which replaced it from 1997 onwards.

In 2005, he was appointed as a Tory whip. Unfortunately Fabricant found himself vocally stifled by the demands of the whip's office and, much to the world's gain, left government in September, tweeting "I'm free!".

Since then there has been no stopping the great man, who now serves as Conservative Party vice-chairman for parliamentary campaigning; his Twitter account is possibly the most vibrant political institution in the country.

Here are a few other things we know about him...

Michael Fabricant