The Lichfield MP later deleted his tweet about "Anglo-Muslim relations".
Sometimes delays are inevitable, but customers are being ripped off
Railway season ticket holders are being ripped off on routes where there are constant delays and it’s time for the Department
Decisions that need to be made together like our national finances, our transport programme, our welfare provisions, our diplomatic activities, and our national defence can still all be undertaken as at present by the Parliament in Westminster. But there is clearly a need for the English voice to be heard on other affairs of State. The Scottish referendum will increase the feeling of English nationalism and rather than ignore it and allow animosity to develop, let's look towards the practical.
The Conservatives are all a bit stuffy, out of touch, and only get round to answering questions after they've removed the
Sitting in the House of Commons like a bird of paradise amongst pigeons, the beautifully plumaged Michael Fabricant is a