28/11/2012 05:02 GMT

Leveson Report: Boris Johnson Attacks 'Preposterous' State Regulation Of The Press (VIDEO)

Boris Johnson, who is almost beyond satire, has warned state regulation of the press could prevent journalists doing the important job of making fun of politicians.

Speaking to an audience in India on Wednesday, the London mayor added his voice to those urging David Cameron to reject any proposals for the statutory regulation of newspapers.

"The British media is one of the glories of our country. They keep politicians' feet very firmly held to the fire, which is absolutely right," he said.

"There is a bit of a dispute going on about whether we have regulation of the media, which would be entirely preposterous."

Boris' comments come on the eve of the publication of the Leveson report which will set out recommendations for the future regulation of newspapers.

On Tuesday evening over 80 MPs and peers signed a letter urging the prime minister to fight off attempts to introduce stater regulation.

The letter was a direct challenge to an opposing letter organised by over 40 other Tory MPs calling for state regulation of the print media.

Boris told the Indian students: "Don't worry about the media. The media are there to attack you.

"It's their responsibility. It doesn't mean necessarily that you're wrong. It's their job. They are there to satirise you, to undermine you."

And the bumbling, zip-wire dangling mayor should know, who as one of the most satirised politicians in the country, frequently hands the newspapers opportunities to undermine him on a plate. For example:

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