Freedom of the Press

Equalities minister was accused of breaking ministerial code after wrongly accusing Nadine White of "making up claims".
Labour's Marsha de Cordova writes to civil service boss after equalities minister published private correspondence.
"That would not be how we in No.10 would deal with these things," Boris Johnson's press secretary Allegra Stratton says.
NUJ says Kemi Badenoch's reaction to Nadine White's questions was "frankly weird".
Media groups say press freedoms in the country remain restricted.
The Metropolitan Police say they “respect the rights of the media” but believe the breach may have “no public interest defence”
"The press, they never stop,” the president was heard telling the North Korean leader, minutes after they met for the first time at a Singapore summit.
World Press Freedom Day is a time to both celebrate press freedom and defend the media from attacks - we are doing more of the latter than the former
Corruption, state capture, fake news – these are all crucial topics that South Africa's media has firmly put on the agenda, writes the German ambassador to SA.