30/11/2012 11:45 GMT

Move Aside Milking, Lizard Fighting Is The New Student Craze To Hit Universities

We've had owling, planking, photobombing, boobbombing, milking, you name it.

Now it's time for lizard fighting.

Except - and the RSPCA will be pleased about this - there are no lizards involved. And come to think of it, not really any fighting either. Just two people, on all fours, with a pair of socks tied round their head (it's better than it sounds, honest).

No, it's not one man staring at himself in the mirror on all fours.. it's LIZARD FIGHTING!

The creators of the "lizard fight" tout the bizarre practice as a way to solve arguments over washing up, bills, who slept with who first, and other things students normally argue about.

The ceremony has even been deployed to solve a couple's tiff over who should boil the kettle. Perhaps Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton could learn a thing or two?

According to university paper The Exeter Tab, the revered ritual can trace its roots back to Matthew Proctor, a Newcastle University student who thought lizard fighting would "add" to rugby socials - you just knew that rugby players would be involved.

"It started with belts around each other’s heads, but one of the belts broke and the buckle flew into one of the competitor’s face almost taking his teeth out, it was at that moment that we decided new equipment was needed," he told the paper. "You can do it with whatever you want but rugby socks seem to be our preference now."

The rugby "lads" have even taken their sport to the streets, and were paid a visit by two police officers who felt compelled to break up the festivities after money starting changing hands.