06/12/2012 12:26 GMT | Updated 06/12/2012 12:43 GMT

Naked Ambition: New Zealand Skinny-Dippers Attempt To Break Guinness World Record (PICTURES)

Tandem attempts at smashing the Guinness World Record for skinny-dipping have taken place in New Zealand.

In Papamoa Beach 299 nudist swimmers turned up at the weekend and at Christchurch's Sumner Beach another 226 showed all - but despite the combined total they counted as separate events.

The current record stands at 413.

skinny dip

It was a valiant attempt... but the tandem events failed to break the skinny-dipping world record

One British skinny dipper told 3 News: "There were a couple of things that made us half think of not doing it, but we did it in the end anyway."

For the record to count, Guinness World Records required all swimmers to be in the water at the same time for a group photo.

The skinny dips follow a recent court decision that upheld the right to be naked in public for innocent reasons.

skinny dippers

The current skinny-dipping record is held by 413 participants in Wales

Andre Pointon's conviction for offensive behaviour was overturned last week in The High Court in Tauranga after he was seen running naked along a forest track.

He hoped the decision will change attitudes in New Zealand.

Andre said: "Hopefully this sets a precedent for people that use their discretion in the naturist world, to go out into the country and be naked."

Pointon joined the other 298 at Papamoa Beach on Sunday.

The current world record is held by Llangennith in Wales, where 413 skinny dippers took the plunge at the same time.