26/12/2012 13:26 GMT

'Drunken' Brit Arrested After 'Stealing Car And Driving Down Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Runway'

Perhaps too full of holiday cheer and eager to get home for Christmas, a 'drunken British man ' has reportedly been arrested for allegedly stealing a car and driving onto the runway of an Amsterdam airport.

Police said the man, who was arrested between 1am and 2am of Christmas Day, "would take a while to sober up," according to AFP.

The unnamed man was reportedly on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport's runway for a few minutes, after apparently pushing an emergency exit button at the gate, stealing a contractors' car and setting off at speed.

Police spokesman Dennis Muller told AFP: "He drove around for a few minutes but at no point was there any danger to flight traffic.

"There aren’t many flights on Christmas Eve and there were none at all at the time he took the car."

Mr Muller added: ‘We’re investigating exactly where he went in the car. We don’t know why he took the car, these are things you do when you’re drunk.’

"We’ll interview him about what he’s done and then it’s up to the prosecutor to decide what to do with him," he said.