Argentinians React Angrily To Provocative Advert Placed By The Sun In Buenos Aires Newspaper

Argentinians have reacted angrily to advert placed in an Argentine newspaper by The Sun, telling Buenos Aires to keep its “hands off” the disputed Falkland Islands.

The Sun published a full-page editorial on Friday, carried as an advertisement in the 50,000-circulation Buenos Aires Herald. The Sun's PR stunt has resulted in protestors taking to the streets to burn copies of the newspaper as well as the Union flag.

Two Buenos Aires residents read the Sun editorial in Friday's Buenos Aires Herald

The letter was a direct response to an advert published in The Guardian and The Independent on Thursday by Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, which called on David Cameron to end "a blatant exercise of 19th-century colonialism" and consider handing over the islands".

Number 10, however, stood behind the Falkland islanders, who look set to choose to continue be governed by the UK in an upcoming referendum under the principle of self-determination.

Falkland islanders are due to vote in an upcoming referendum

Adding to the growing tension between the two countries, British tourists have reportedly been harassed on cruise liners in Argentinean waters.

According to the Daily Telegraph, "the British government is aware of at least a dozen incidents on international liners or cruise liner offices over the past two months", which range from masked vigilantes attacking shipping offices to officials refusing British ships entrance to ports.

The Foreign Office has admitted that over a dozen incidents of intimidation of cruise liners, which could have affected some 10,000 passengers, have occurred.

On Friday, two cruise ships were victims to protests from Argentine nationalists. The Star Princess and Seabourn Soujourn, both docked in Buenos Aires, had visited the Falkland Islands earlier in its journey.