Kangaroo Goes On The Loose In Melbourne Airport Car Park (PICS)

LOOK: Kangaroo On Loose In Airport

Sometimes it really does pay to tie your kangaroo down, sport...

This was the scene in the car park of Melbourne Airport on Monday, as Australian police officers tried to corner this little fella:

As you can see, officers tried a variety of tactics to catch the kangaroo - including trying to talk sense into it* and the age-old 'You can't go this way, mate' block:

Fortunately, the situation didn't end in a Butch-and-Sundance-style blaze of glory, but in the arrival of a vet, who tranquilised the kangaroo.

While we admire the young kangaroo's bravery, entering an airport - they are, of course, hellish places where you're likely to spend far too much money on large bottles of water and Duty Free perfume - we're not sure if he's quite up there in our league of Animals That Could Kick Your Ass. Not yet. Give him a few years, though...

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*not really

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