Sony 'Football Mode' Sound System Can Remove Commentary From Sports Matches

'Football Mode' Sound System Can Remove Commentary From Sports TV

Sony has unveiled a new sound system which it says can remove the commentary from football matches.

Its top-of-the-range BDV-N7100W Blu-Ray system is a 5.1-channel, 1000W set-up, and includes both 4K upscaling and what Sony calls Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology which is - ahem - a "revolutionary ferrofuid material developed by NASA for the space programme".

Okay. So far so confusing. But what it can actually do is rather cool.

IE "Football mode".

Sony says that its speakers are able to recognise what is the natural ambient sound of a sporting event, and what is somebody nattering on top.

It does this using data captured at a Brazilian football stadium, and without anything happening on the broadcaster's end it's able to remove the commentary entirely.

Sky has offered a similar facility for some of its matches for a while - but this will work with any sports event, including rugby, NFL and motorsport.

The benefit is that fans can watch sport as if they're at the game, and not sitting next to a relentlessly unimpressive summariser with a booklet of cliches.

Sony says the system is "a winning result for any sports lover, Football Mode also enhances enjoyment of other sports like rugby, tennis or motorsport".


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