Photographer Richard Heeks Captures Bubble 'Freezing' In Mid Air

Forever Freezing Bubbles!

Just like a mini-frozen planet this six-inch-wide bubble has formed a polar-ice cap.

Bubbleman Richard Heeks, 39, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, was able to partially freeze bubbles and take panorama images of the winter-scene from the bubble-reflections.

Other pictures show snowflakes attached to Richard’s bubbles, which can each last for up to 30-seconds before popping. One shot shows the remains of a frozen bubble that had burst in mid-air.

“The half frozen bubbles freeze from the top down, so look as though they're capped with ice,” said Richard.

“They freeze from the top down because the film is thinner on the top, so freezes more quickly.

“The skeletal fragments of a bubble are from a bubble that has frozen high up in the air, collapsed, and then fall back down again.

“The bubbles with snow hanging from their undersides were photographed when the snow was falling heavily with large snowflakes.

The bubbles first flew up high, like little hot air balloons.

“But then the snowflakes began sticking to them and weighed them down so they fell back down to earth again.”

Frozen Bubbles

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