Hundreds of millions of people in coastal areas would be threatened if climate change continues unabated, the UN’s climate body warned.
He was in his front yard in Lawrence, Kansas, preparing to take his daughter to school, when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents put him in handcuffs and took him to jail.
It's the first time it's happened in the region.
A Siberian beach is currently lined with these crunchy, clean and strangely pleasing to the eye spheres of ice. Residents
Britain is sweltering in the heat as temperatures are expected to reach 35C. If you aren't a fan of the heatwave or you just
Motorists have been warned to expect difficult driving conditions as icy weather continues to grip the UK. The Met Office
Winds racing at 100mph and heavy snow has brought misery to travelling Britons, with some drivers stranded overnight following
Atmospheric pictures reveal Britain plunged to the lowest temperatures of the year last night, as minus 8.7 degrees Celsius
This incredible image (courtesy of Wikipedia and Gizmodo) is actually a snowflake... but really, really close up. What might