Egypt Revolution Anniversary: Five Dead In Suez As Protests Erupt Nationwide (PICTURES)

Five people were reportedly shot dead in the Egyptian city of Suez on Friday during nationwide protests on the second anniversary of the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

According to Reuters, a further 280 civilians and 55 security officials were injured as Egyptians took to the streets to demonstrate against the Islamic Brotherhood-backed government of Mohamed Morsi.

The deaths capped a day of violence in the country, with multiple reports of clashes between police and protestors in Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said.

Protests raged across Egypt in response to the Morsi government

In the capital, police dispersed protestors with tear gas as they attempted to penetrate barbed-wire fences around the presidential palace, while government offices were attacked with petrol bombs near Tahrir Square - the place of iconic protests during the uprising of 2011.

Morsi, who was democratically elected president of Egypt in June, has been heavily criticised by the nation for his inability to revive the Egyptian economy - the Egyptian pound is at a record low against the dollar - and his attempt to enforce a new Islam-focussed constitution on the country.

The violence came as Egypt announced it had passed death sentences to 21 defendants implicated in football protests which killed 74 people in Port Said last February.

In response to the judgement, supporters of the defendants have reportedly stormed the prison holding the accused and clashed with police, resulting in a reported eight deaths. The fates the remaining 52 defendants yet to be charged will be revealed in March, the courts have said.