Scottish Students Protest Over Stress Caused By Too Many Exams

Thousands of students at a Scottish university are up in arms at being set multiple exams, protesting they cause too much stress.

Strathclyde University, in Glasgow, is facing the revolt after issuing exam timetables which showed some students are required to sit two exams within three days.

The sheer amount of exams has left students feeling a tad overwhelmed. Tossing aside the traditional solution of knuckling down and revising, students have decided to pour their efforts into creating a petition, which is to be delivered to Strathclyde's vice principal at the end of this week, the Herald Scotland reported.

Rebecca Maxwell Stuart, the student union's vice-president for education, said: "Not only does exam bunching prevent students from performing at their best, but it can also lead to high stress levels and affects their mental well-being. We hope the university will listen to our students' concerns."

Students are also complaining sitting too many exams leads to them getting worse results.

One bemused HuffPost UK reader issued some sage advice:

A spokesperson for Strathclyde University said: "The examination schedule is a complex matter involving hundreds of examinations for thousands of students in a short time frame. We look forward to working in partnership with the students' association to optimise the examination timetable."