David Cameron Laughs At 'Stalking Horse In The Tory Food Chain' Joke (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Are There Traces Of Stalking Horse In The Tory Food Chain?'

Labour MP Alex Cunningham won prime minister's questions on Wednesday by turning a question about horse burgers into a gag about threats to David Cameron's leadership.

"On food safety, can the PM confirm that traces of stalking horse have been found in the Conservative Party food chain?" he asked.

Windsor MP Adam Afriyie has been accused of being at the head of a plot to take over from David Cameron should the prime minister lose the next election.

Sat at the back of the chamber, Afiyie laughed along with the other MPs as Cameron replied: "The Conservative Party has as always stood for people who want to work hard and get on and I am glad that all of those behind me take that very serious indeed."

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