Lindsay Sandiford, Sentenced To Death In Bali For Drug Smuggling, Loses High Court Case Against Government

Drug Smuggling Grandmother Loses High Court Battle

British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford has lost a High Court battle over a UK government refusal to fund her appeal against a death sentence imposed by an Indonesian court after she was found guilty of drug smuggling.

The 56-year-old from Teeside, was arrested on £1.7m drugs charges in Bali.

Prosecution lawyers asked for her to serve a 15-year sentence, but a panel of judges, headed by Amser Simanjuntak, concluded that Sandiford had damaged the image of Bali as a tourism destination and weakened the government's programme of drug annihilation.

After it was revealed that Sandiford was to take action agains the British government, a Foreign Office spokesman insisted that legal representation was not available.

Speaking to the Huffington Poast UK, the spokesman said: "We are aware that Lindsay Sandiford is facing the death penalty in Indonesia. We strongly object to the death penalty and continue to provide consular assistance to Lindsay and her family during this difficult time.

“HMG does not provide legal representation for British nationals overseas. However, we assist British nationals in identifying potential legal representation, including by working closely with NGOs. We will continue to raise this case on diplomatic channels.”

Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood has urged the Foreign Office to rethink its policy on support for Britons sentenced to death abroad.

"Indonesia itself now pays for lawyers to represent its migrant workers facing the death penalty in countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and China," said Mr Horwood.

"I don't think it's unreasonable for Britons abroad to expect the same kind of support from their own government in this kind of extreme and unusual situation."


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