BEAT THE WEEK: News Quiz 8 February

This has been an historic week, with both the 10 year anniversary of the protest against the Iraq war as well as a victory for gay rights, after MPs voted in favour of a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry.

There's been debate too, with some suggesting that Cameron's bid to detoxify the Conservative party in his push for equal marriage merely exposed some old Tory bigotry.

HuffPostUK's own Mehdi Hasan debated whether the war was worth it, alongside Clare Short, the former Labour MP who quit Tony Blair’s cabinet over the invasion, and supporting the war, Tory Bernard Jenkin, who was Shadow Defence Secretary at the time. There were plenty of other high profile names at the Goldsmiths and HuffPost event, so head on over and check out the explosive debate here.

The horsemeat scandal continued to canter on, with shock revelations that Findus ready made lasagne contained up to 100% horsemeat. Ray Furlong from the BBC reported on the report (neigh joke).

The last Plantagenet king was found in a social services car park and the UK was told it must make immediate plans to cope with a massive solar 'superstorm'. This really has been an exciting week. So were you paying attention? Try your hand at our news quiz, and see if you can BEAT THE WEEK.