Gabrielle Gifford And Husband, Mark Kelly, Talk Shooting And Gun Control In Vogue Magazine

Former congresswoman and shooting victim, Gabrielle Giffords, appears in this month's Vogue Magazine to discuss gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Gifford, still frail from her injuries, sets out her agenda to confront an issue that is sharply dividing America alongside husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly.

Kelly says: "We realised that now is the time. We have to do something."

The interview took place in Gifford's home in Tucson’s Midtown district

Giffords, 51, was shot in the head whilst giving a speech in a shopping mall in Arizona in January, 2011.

Six other people were killed including a nine-year-old girl, Christina Taylor Green.

In a remarkable recovery she received a standing ovation in August of that year when she cast her vote in Congress on the US debt ceiling.

Last month she went a step further and gave an emotional speech to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence.

She pleaded: "You must act. Be bold, be courageous. Americans are counting on you. Thank you."

The full interview can be seen in the March 2013 issue of Vogue.