David Cameron Reveals Shed Ineptitude And IKEA Allegiance In Room Full Of B&Q Employees

'It Completely Did My Head In When I Did It'

In politics, the keys to success are allegiance and loyalty, both to your party and to the public.

David Cameron appeared to put both these rock-solid pieces of guidance to one side as he pledged his devotion to IKEA in a room full of B&Q employees in Eastleigh on Thursday.

His cack-minded consumer confession drew gasps from an obviously shocked and betrayed crowd.

It didn't get off to a great start either, when the most powerful man in the country revealed he had prepped for the Q&A session by piecing together some Lego with his son.

Not only did he construct it, but the Eton and Oxford educated leader of our Great Britain "decoded" the instructions.

Instructions written for children aged 5-12.

No wonder the bloody shed did his head in.

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