David Cameron Looks On As Aamir Khan Mobbed By Screaming Fans In India (VIDEO)

David Cameron was approached by hoards of screaming girls in India ... who walked straight past him to mob Bollywood film star Aamir Khan.

Khan had joined Cameron to chat with students at the Janki Devi Memorial College for girls in New Delhi.

The film heartthrob is also a Unicef ambassador for child nutrition and the patron of a women-only taxi service in the city.

Khan introduced Cameron to some of the Sakha Cabs workers, who are trained in car mechanics and self-defence at the college.

He said the girls had mostly wanted to talk with Cameron about women's rights issues in India and about their prospects of studying and working in the UK.

The Bollywood star told British reporters travelling with the PM: "I was meeting him for the first time ... It was very interesting to meet with him and understand what his plans are very broadly in terms of development work with the UN and Unicef.

"I think he is really looking forward to forging a strong relationship with Indian business and India in general. That is the impression I got from him."

Khan said the younger generation in India no longer felt their views of the UK were coloured by its past as a colonial master.

"I for one feel that what happened in the past happened in the past," he said. "I don't think we can hold the present generation of Britishers responsible for something that happened ages ago. It's not fair and it's not something I would like to do.

"I would like to look upon Britishers of today as people who I would like to interact with, learn from, contribute if I can in some way into their lives.

"I don't look upon the past with any grudge.

"A lot of my friends from the UK sometimes their feeling of guilt comes through, and I tell them it's not necessary for them to feel that way. They are being graceful and generous when they express those thoughts to me.

"If anyone was to apologise for what has happened in the past, it's them being graceful. I don't think that they owe us an apology, I don't think you owe us an apology for what happened a century ago."

Asked if he found that Cameron felt the need to apologise for Britain's colonial past, the actor said: "No, no, no. I think he's a very positive kind of person. He came across as an extremely dynamic and positive person, and someone who is looking ahead."

Khan said he did not think Cameron had not seen any of his Bollywood films, but said the PM was interested in a TV series he did last year looking at social problems in India.

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