19/02/2013 07:24 GMT | Updated 20/02/2013 06:09 GMT

Duchess Of Cambridge Doesn't Respond To Hilary Mantel's Remarks Because She's Not Allowed To Say Anything

The Duchess of Cambridge has not hit back at novelist Hilary Mantel.

The Booker Prize winner had described Kate Middleton as a "shop window mannequin" with a "plastic smile", no personality and no purpose other than to produce an heir to the throne.

The pregnant and beautiful Duchess has swiftly responded by refusing to comment, because she's not allowed to.

The Duchess Of Cambridge: Doesn't say much

A Buckingham Palace spokesman has described the attack on The Artist Formerly Known As Kate Middleton as "absolutely ridiculous".

"Of course Kate has opinions," they said. "At least, we think she does. She's never expressed any to us."

The spokesman also revealed that Kate "is very upset about the comments... We assume. We're not allowed to ask her about anything, and she's not allowed to tell anyone about anything. That's why she got a dog."

Hilary Mantel: Says things

Mantel's remarks that the Duchess "appears precision-made" and is "without quirks" have also come under fire.

"That couldn't be further from the truth," said the Palace spokesman. "With her lovely clothes, nice manners and complete lack of job, Kate is unlike any other Royal before her."

A full transcript of Hilary Mantel's speech - which puts her comments in context - can be ignored here.


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